Redstarrecording is a full service recording studio, in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, geared towards clients that want to incorporate vintage analog gear into modern recording. We offer a full line of tape and digital solutions. Our facility includes a vintage API 2488 console, Pro-Tools HD3 and Ampex 16 Track MM1200, ATR 102 1/2 inch and a full array of analog reverbs including: EMT, Echoplate, and AKG.  Our mic locker is extensive and includes the Neumann U47, Sony C37, AKG C12, etc. as well as a full line of ribbon mics including: Coles, RCA, B&O,Royer etc. We also have an extensive keyboard room with a 7 foot grand piano, celeste, Hammond b-3, Jenco vibes, rosewood marimba, Fender rhodes piano, carrolian church bells, and a large reed church organ.
Our services include enginering, pre-production, production, mastering and musician contracting. We can handle the biggest or smallest productions.