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01.08.13   social distortion at redstar recording creedence cover for the movie "free birds" movie to be released nov 1 2013

03.10.13   rancid in finishing new record, brett gurewitz producing

08.01.12   booker t jones doing a new album with the avila brothers producing, matt marin at the console and jesse honig assisting

02.27.12   triggerfinger back from belgium to mix a live record, greg gordon at the console

12.28.11   true blood sound track season #3 nominated for a grammy award, the single was tracked at redstar with nick cave on vox and david kalish playing hammond b-3, gary calamar and cc adcock producing

12.27.11   jack cassidy and wally ingram in tracking with producer stacy parrish doing basic's for a new artist

11.19.11   mark howard in with trixie whitley mixing some live tracks

09.20.11   gaby moreno, arnold mcculler, terry evans and thelma jones in to do backing vox for the jonny two bags record

09.14.11   mike landau and larry goldings in to track keyboards on mikes new album

08.10.11   nick cave and warren ellis back at redstar to record the soundtrack for the miramax feature film ,"the wettest county", greg gordon at the console, guests include emmylou harris and ralph stanley

05.20.11   ryan monroe from band of horses in tracking new record

05.03.11   david lindley in to play on the jonny two bags record he killed it...........

03.30.11   nick cave in with gary calamar recording vocals for the true blood soundtrack, neko case and nick covered the zombies "she's not there"

02.24.11   allen hinds slides and monkeys album mixed by david kalish, drums recorded by jeff halbert

02.22.11   arnold mcculler album tracking featuring mike landau, dave hidalgo and dave kalish on guitars larry goldings and jeff young on keys, gary novak and luis conte on drums and precussion
01.18.11   work continues with rocco deluca

01.16.11   dave hidalgo and sons dave jr and vincent in to work on the johnny two bags record

01.10.11   the DAHLS doing their first record. jeff halbert at the console

01.06.11   arnold mculler in doing blues album featuring mike landau,david kalish,gary novack,jimmy johnson, larry goldings and jeff young

12.03.10   hammond great rudy copeland and dave hidalgo in for greg spadlin's album at redstar. pete tomas producing, jeff halbert at the console

09.10.10   rocco deluca starts new album, david kalish producing, jeff halbert engineering, cc white vocals, jules rodreguiz drums, bikki johnson bass

08.10.10   american idol star alex lambert in doing his first album, the avila bros producing, shane smith at the console

06.30.10   greg gordon starts mixing special world broadcast slayer dvd

06.10.10   rocco deluca in to mix new solo album. david kalish co-producing and jeff halbert engineering

05.30.10   r&b singer anthony hamilton in working on new album with the avila brothers producing

05.23.10   triggerfinger in from belgium. greg gordon engineering

03.03.10   los lobos in doing overdubs for their new album, shane smith at the console with steve berlin producing

02.22.10   interscope recording artists FREE SOL at redstar with greg gordon at the console

02.20.10   hope waits ep completed. release date forthcoming

02.15.10   christopher dallman ep released. it was produced, engineered and mixed by barrie maguire and rachel alina

01.07.10   work starts on the jonny twobags record. guests include: pete tomas, zander schloss, jeff young and jackson brown

11.19.09   janet jackson in to track vocals for the american music awards show with ian cross at the console

11.10.09   mixer greg gordon (veteran engineer for jet, slayer and oasis) at redstar mixing the VAN JETS

11.03.09   rickie lee jones album "balm in gilead" released on concord/fantasy. it was recorded last year at redstar, produced by david kalish, engineered by barrie maguire and assisted by jesse honig. read reveiw: [page1] [page2] [page3]

10.23.09   greg gordon mixing bobby emmett record, bobby's shooter jennings ace hammond b3 player

10.19.09   david kalish plays piano on ushers new single "papers" with ian cross at the console

09.12.09   janet jackson in with ian cross at the console doing a micheal jackson tribute song for MTV video awards show

07.22.09   work begins on new mix/edit/mastering room at redstar, carl johnson is designing the room and it should be up and running by december. we also added a new state of the art back up system for clients

07.03.09   singer hope waits starts pre-production at redstar with david kalish and barrie maguire producing, the album will feature darryl johnson on bass, chris joyner on keys and eric eldinius on drums

06.12.09   mark howard in producing album for scotland's deacon blue and ricky ross due out in september

06.02.09   the morgensterns cut album with barrie maguire producing

05.02.09   mark johnson and reggie mcbride producing "playing for change" artist grandpa, cutting hammond and horns for concord records

03.05.09   the prospectors including members of mars volta in tracking for forthcoming full length album. shane at the board

02.02.09   matt marin in mixing pedro capo for sony records

10.29.08   redstar completes installation of vintage 1974 API 2488 console,22 550a e.q.s (the good ones with 2 opamps), 2 560 e.q.s and 2 525 compressors,board has custom made return section 4 stereo echo returns and 8 sub groups, console was teched by steve selberg, jesse honig and mike freas rewired the entire studio on rental standard elco's, we are now wired for an additional 24 track machine, radar,or pro tools set up simply by patching into the machine room elco's, we also added 2 vintage urei 1176 compressors a prototype urei 175 tube compressor and stereo lang e.q's, new mic's include a pair of neumann u-67's, sony c-37a, pair of akg c-28's, rca 44, rca 77 and a pair of rca 74's, and a b&o stereo ribbon.

10.29.08   rickie lee jones starts new album at redstar, david kalish producing barrie maguire engineering, guests include ben harper and emmylou harris, reggie mcbride on bass and joel guzman on keys, strings by the section

08.28.08   redstar buys new api 2488 console. it should up and running on oct 1 2008

08.02.08   janet jackson at redstar working with producer ian cross on new project.

05.09.08   The Figgs in recording their new record. shane and barrie at the board.

04.18.08   Robert Francis in recording his new album for Aeronaut Records. Graham Lathrop and Shane at the board..

03.15.08   New mastering deck. AMPEX ATR 104. Industry Standard.

03.12.08   CBS recording artist Sharon Little in with producer Scott Sax doing vocal overdubs. Barrie at the console. Mark Howard and Scott Sax producing.

03.08.08   Ian Cross in mixing Mateo for Myspace Records.

01.28.08   Producer Michael Chapman in with the Neighborhood Bullys, Shane Smith at the console.

01.25.08   Neil Larsen producing spot for Will Ferrell of Saturday Night Live fame, JACK SHIT do ing the back up.

01.24.08   Janet Jackson at redstar recording vocals for her new album, David Kalish also did some guitar effects, producer Ian Cross at the console

01.23.08   Ian Cross in producing track for the new Janet Jackson album, with r&b writer/producer Manuel Seal, Shane at the console.

01.21.08   Jason Karaban working on new album, Shane Smith producing, Ian Cross and Barrie Maguire at the console.

01.19.08   Amos Lee in doing back up vocal tracks for Mutlu's new record, Barrie at the board.

01.15.08   Jerry Stucker in from San Francisco. Steve Gadd on drums, Jerry Stucker producing, Shane at the console.

12.12.07   The Northstar Session mixing their album starting January 2nd.

10.01.07   New API 1604 is up and running.

09.05.07   Artist Jackie Greene in with Steve Berlin producing. They are working on his new album for Savoy Records. Jackshit is the tracking band.

08.02.07   Artist Jason Karaban at Red Star to record new album. Don Heffington-Drums, Pete Thomas-Drums, David Immergluck-Guitar, and Neil Larsen-Keys. Shane Smith produced.

07.26.07   David Kalish starts blues album with Juan Nelson, Jason Yates and Herman Matthews. They were joined by Pete Thomas, David Hidalgo and legendary blues harp player Charlie Musselwhite. David Kalish and Jason Yates producing.

07.10.07   Barrie Maguire starts recording a new Kate Gaffney record at Red Star. Kate is joined by member of Ben Harper's Innocent Criminals and Savoy recording artist Jackie Green.

04.01.07   Ben Harper with The Skatalites in to record "Be My Guest" for the new Tribute to Fats Domino album "Goin Home" Danny Kalb was at the board..

03.15.07   Ben Harper at Redstar to record Beautiful Boy, by John Lennon, for the "Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur" benefit album. Ben on Bass-Drums-Guitars, Jason Yates on Keys and David Kalish on Guitar-Keys

02.14.07   Ben Harper at Redstar producing a new female artist, Danny Kalb at the board. Ben arrived with the Innocent Criminals to track basic's.

02.02.07   Richard and Teddy Thompson in, working on Teddy's new album.

01.30.07   Fawnhawks, Shane Smith producing.

01.10.07   Aston Teague, Barrie Maguire producing.

09.16.06   Kara Grainger, David Kalish producing.

07.04.06   Amos Lee, Barrie Maguire producing.

02.20.06   Ernie Halter, produced by Barrie Maguire and David Kalish. Guest musicians include Reggie McBride, Chris Joiner, Jake Andrews, Greg Leiss, Ron Manaog, Pete Thomas and Buzz Feiten.

10.12.05   Heat Merchants mixing

10.01.05   Jason Karaban mixes with Mike Napolitano

09.17.05   Freddie Washington and James Gadsen with Jerry Stucker.

09.03.05   Jason Karaban, Guest players include Ivan Neville, Jason Yates (Ben Harper), Pete Thomas, Davey Farragher, Tom Brechtlein, and Greg Leisz.

08.01.05   Ben Arnold, Shane Smith producing.

07.15.05   Heather Tobin

07.05.05   New Soul Underground's album Greasy Feet was released. Recorded at Redstar and produced by Mark Johnson and Robin Moxey. Featuring performances by Larry Carlton and Paulie Cerra.